You’ll find content creators, print and media advertising experts as well as a variety of other advertising and marketing specialists that allow the agency to deliver their services as promised.

There are five steps that happen when an advertising agency is involved: Pitch, Presentation, Assessment, Creative and Rollout. Take a closer look at these five steps.


Like any business partnership, an ad agency’s goal is to establish relationships with clients. To garner the attention of a client, ad agencies send what is called a “pitch” or a business proposal. This doesn’t happen by randomly sending out company portfolios and emailing a long list of companies. Ad agencies will usually start with people they know. Thus, it is important for anyone in the ad agency to foster connections with a broad range of potential clients. Advertising agencies will also keep a close eye on the news and tabloids. They’ll monitor any new or existing companies that are in need of an overhaul or advertising help.


The next stage happens once a company takes notice of an agency’s pitch. This is where the advertising agency usually showcases its proposal and plans for the prospective client. In this stage, the agency will prepare a presentation to help the client visualize what the agency can do for their business. This is also the stage where ad agencies can show their clients their previous work and studies that prove the success of the agency’s methods.


The next stage follows when a client has finalized hiring the ad agency. The advertising agency will then assess the current status of the client’s business or company to more accurately determine the correct approach. This is where the client and ad agency will work closely to determine the goals, target reach, and expectations of the client.


Once the advertising agency has successfully identified the correct approach for reaching the client’s goals, the creative team comes into play. This is the stage where marketing materials are created by content experts such as graphic artists, videographers, photographers, writers and many more. This is also the stage wherein the ad agency starts setting up their campaigns through various marketing outlets like television, magazines, newspapers, social media, etc.


Finally, an appointed media procurer will purchase what is called “ad space” for launching the advertisements the ad agency has prepared. This stage is not done in one sitting. To avoid overcrowding marketing media with ads of the company, the ad agency determines an ideal timeline of which the promised advertisements are aired or launched. This means you’re likely to see an add pop up two weeks later for the same company even if they were prepared at the same time.

There are many different types of advertising agencies that cater to specific businesses, companies or niches. Over time, the advertising industry has evolved to make more use of social media. Since the inception of advertising industries in 1786, marketing and advertising has grown significantly and evolved greatly. One can only imagine how much more this industry will grow in the years to come.

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